We are experiencing a high volume of requests and subsequently an extensive queue of projects. In order to appropriately meet the needs of our current workload, the following timeline expectations are in place:

  • For projects that require data analysis, you can still expect to hear from our staff within 7-10 business days of your request, but please allow for up to 1 month for us to schedule your initial consultation and initiate a scope of work.
  • For projects that require more simple consultations (i.e., methods, study design, IRB protocol), we will do our best to accommodate the consultation within 2 weeks of the request.
  • If your research team has open and ongoing projects with the AHEAD Institute, work on any new projects will likely be delayed until existing projects are close to completion.
  • We are currently pausing all EPIC EHR Data Requests. These queries each take up to one month to complete. Please know we are actively working on increasing our staffing to accommodate this demand.

We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to meet and grow in order to accommodate the health outcomes research needs of the university.


The Advanced HEAlth Data (AHEAD) Institute provides data warehousing and research support services to the Saint Louis University community.

This statement of interest form provides the AHEAD Institute with a record of your request and enables the AHEAD Institute to ensure your needs are met.

Once the AHEAD Institute receives your completed request, the following actions will occur:

  1. The AHEAD Program Coordinator processes all requests and will schedule a 30-60 minute research consultation meeting, which will include necessary AHEAD faculty and staff (i.e. data manager, biostatistician, AHEAD core faculty) as applicable.
  2. A scope of work (SOW) will be developed during the initial research consultation meeting and approved by all parties following the meeting. The SOW will include:
    • Summary of the work request
    • Data domains required for project (if using AHEAD databases)
    • Forms that need to be signed and completed (see below)*
    • Estimated delivery date(s)
    • Location of data on restricted access shared drive (if conducting own analysis)
    • Associated compensation, if applicable

*Forms that need to be signed and completed before data delivery and/or work begins need to be signed by the Primary Investigator, sponsoring faculty mentor (if applicable), biostatistician, and any other individual with direct access to AHEAD data:

    • Scope of Work Agreement
    • Data Use Agreements
    • AHEAD Institute Acknowledgement Statement

Interest forms are reviewed on a weekly basis. Please allow 7-10 business days for your request to be processed and a member of the AHEAD Institute to contact you. For questions, please e-mail ahead@health.slu.edu

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